RTW 2012-2013
Sep 2012-Jul 2013
Believe it or not we’re about to make it again, and this time a bit longer. Traveling around the world for ten months.
April 2012
Why always plan everything, why not just book a package trip? That’s what we did the second time in nine years and went to Jordan to relax and charge our batteries after tough winter.


Ecuador and Miami
Nov-Dec 2011
It’s been a while but Norsu’s back to blogging. And now on a four weeks vacation in Ecuador and few days in Miami. Enjoy!
Oslo and Copenhagen
Oct 2011
Two short weekend trips to Scandinavian capitals. To Oslo with mummy and to Copenhagen with Raffi.


SFO and surroundings
May 2011
It was not long ago that we returned from our NY&Toronto trip and I was going to fly to our Sunnyvale office in California. And since you’re going that far you should combine business with pleasure so I took a few days off too and Raffi joined me.
NY, Niagara Falls and Toronto
Apr 2011
Spring break trip to the USA. This is my first time visiting the States and where else should I start than New York!


Aruba and Curacao
Oct 2010
Caribbean holidays on A and C islands. Bon bini!
Switzerland and Tunis
Jun 2010
Combined travel. We first flew to Switzerland and from there we had a package trip to Tunis for one week.


South Africa and Namibia
Oct-Nov 2009
A new continent to explore. Five weeks of adventure on an African soil.
Asia 2007-2008
Oct 2007-May 2008
Enough of work, enough of cold winter. Backpacking in Southeast Asia for eight months.


Costa Rica
Feb 2004
Visiting Raffi in Costa Rica.


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