Who is Norsu?

My name is Nora. I’m a globetrotter who loves traveling and exploring. I was born early 80s and I come from Finland. I mostly travel with Raffi, my boyfriend, in whom I found my real (travel) soul mate.
If you wonder about my travel blog name ‘matkanorsu’, I’ve been called Norsu as long as I remember. Norsu in Finnish means an elephant but I hope that’s as far as the resemblance goes. 😉 ‘Matkanorsu’ freely translated is ‘travel elephant’. My blog is mainly written in English, and that’s because I have a bunch of international buddies too, and majority of Finns know English well. I know my English is not as perfect as native’s but nevertheless you should be able to follow my blog.

I started my first travel blog on Travelpod (by the name Norsu) in 2007 when we hit the road on our first around-the-world-tour (or at least quarter of it) for eight months. At some point in life another opportunity came by to harness our backbags and hit the road again on a new world tour, this time carrying tickets that really said round-the-world. And a trip lengthened to ten months. At some point I had forgotten my Travelpod blog but inspired by my former colleague’s words I started planning my own website for the blog. I took several courses of interest in the summer 2012 and by the end of it I had transferred my earlier blog to my own site. It’s not complete yet but I’m coming there. Welcome to follow my journey!


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